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Saturday, March 20, 2010

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Friday, December 4, 2009

Manila Ocean Park for family bonding

I recall about Manila Ocean Park of which I would like to share some of the things I have learn and share it with you.It was a nice experience for me to find Manila Ocean Park just behind Quirino Grandstand and around 5 minute taxi ride from the Corporate Inn Hotel of which I stayed wayback October 2009.That day when I came the weather was still in the process of stabilizing since Ondoy hit the country but inspite of that rain does not usually stop me since my husband said don't let the rain stop you if you are going to do something worthwhile.

In this place I have seen sea creatures so close to me.It was awesome.I have seen all kinds of fishes,manta rays,sharks, in the aquarium.The scenario was jaw dropping and I have enjoyed the serenity of the place.

I am sharing this because this is a place for family gathering and for relaxation of mind and soul.I wish that moment my husband was with me but he was calling me on my mobile while he is in Hawaii,U.S.A. and I was in the process of looking to different kinds of all species of sea water that is in the aquarium since that day was a day of my vacation after experiencing the strong winds of Ondoy Typhoon unharmed by the way.But we talked and we have been missing each other.

There is nothing more important in life than to be with your love one.It was a learning experience.

I recommend for tourist to visit this place for your new experience so close with sea creatures so that you will gain more knowledge about sea life.

Indeed, this is are all from God.He is so powerful and magnificent.I really appreciate all what I have seen inside this place.

The food there are also delicious and the restaurants are well done and the people are very approachable and so friendly.The cost of being there is worth it and affordable.

This kind of experience have brought me to realization that it is more life changing knowing that when you encounter this sea creatures for real you will observe how calm and undisturb they are and keep on existing without worries and you will be able to observe the different nature of each species.

The giant clams,the corals,are so cool.This is good for an educational tour for all children and young people to know what exist in our country.I realize how blessed the Philippines is for having such sea creatures that exist in our territory.

Also, I have seen that the Philippine Coast Guard Auxillary is helping the Philippine Coast Guard in protecting our sea.I appreciate all this because I am a member of the PCGA and a certified PADI open water diver but I have never seen so much beautiful creatures in diving as those what is inside the aquarium of the Manila Ocean Park.
It is funny though, I wonder how they constructed this aquarium putting heavy volumes of water in aquarium and putting all sea creatures there alive.

Very Creative.

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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Underground River 7 Wonders of Nature in the Philippines

What an awesome experience to know about Underground River St. Paul Subterranean Park at Puerto Princesa City,Palawan,Philippines.
I went there November 13,2009 with my colleagues from the Bureau of Fire Protection because I trained the boatmen about fire safety awareness and also fire drill so that they will be prepared in handling the tourist during visits to the most well known underground river.
This place is full of mystery but God created.Whenever I visited underground river I feel this is another life changing experience and after the trip I felt so overwhelmed and happy.

The roads going here are paved and there are forests along the way,sceneries of mountains made of rocks,cliffs and minerals and limestones.

It takes 2 hours travel from Puerto Princesa City to this village by either bus or by private vehicle and rented vans.

If you are up to relaxation this is one of the place you should be and you will be in calm spirit.The beach is clean and there are resorts nearby that you may lodge and other cottages which is very affordable.

Most of all the food are cooked well and delicious home made or specially ordered in restaurants.

I felt special here when the boatmen give us a ride going to Underground River from Sabang Wharf that took 30 minutes before reaching the seashore of the St. Paul Subterranean Park.

Many Foreigners visited this place to experience the tour to the cave which is indescribable.Inside of the cave there are different shapes and sizes of stalagmites and stalactites cruise for one and a half mile of adventure.

Outside of the cave is a brackish water flowing towards the innermost parts of the cave and tourist ride a boat operated by boatman using a paddle and the light use is from the spotlight powered by battery charger.

The monkeys and bats are so excited when visitors come and go as part of the experience you will see all this when you come here.

For the rest of the information just let me know if you want to come here so I can guide you.

Have a wonderful day.Mabuhay and Aloha.

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Friday, November 20, 2009

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